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Temporary Recruitment

Hiring Temporary Staff through Beaumont People

Hiring temporary staff is a convenient way to ensure there are more hands on deck during a particularly busy time without going through the time consuming process of screening and interviewing, as well as negotiating and writing employment contracts.

A temporary employee means having someone join your team that is not a long-term employee, often working varied hours as needed and with no commitment to the length of time you may need them. 

It also means that they are not on your payroll, their pay is processed through us. Beaumont People manages all payroll related obligations, including remitting tax, managing payment of superannuation and providing workers compensation coverage.

You can request a temp on the day and give them notice of the end of assignment within 24 hours. You pay for only the hours they work and do not pay for sick or holiday days.

We can also provide payroll only services for our clients, which means we do not source the candidate for you but manage the payroll component which includes remitting taxes, superannuation and workers compensation.

Expertly screened candidates are available in both our Sydney and Northern Rivers locations, all undergoing thorough reference checks. We check work rights and identification as well as conduct other background checks and skills assessments as you require. We visit the location of the assignment and discuss the assignment needs with you including candidates that are suitable to your location, culture, skill, experience and knowledge required for the assignment.

Every client is different and your reason for needing temporary staff may differ every time. Below is a list of common reasons our clients use us to hire their temporary staff:

  • Staff sickness
  • Annual leave & parental leave
  • Handover cover (if your employee is leaving before the new employee can start)
  • To cover in restructures and redundancies
  • Projects where short term specialised skill sets are required
  • Event or short term peak periods and projects
  • Meeting end of year deadlines or work peaks
  • An extra pair of hands for the day to day tasks to free up staff.

With an intimate knowledge of our clients business and appreciation of the demands placed upon them, we’re able to pinpoint the right person for the right place, every time.

Get in contact with one of our consultants today. 

  • Sydney Office: (02) 9279 2777
  • Northern Rivers Office: (02) 9133 9322

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