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Temporary Employment

Considering Temporary Employment?

There are multiple benefits to you as a temporary employee:

  • Experience in a new sector, role or even location
  • Provide an income whilst you search for your dream role
  • Quickly gain additional experience on your resume
  • Provide work life balance – if you only want to work for 2 weeks let us know!
  • Salary increase - although you won’t reap benefits such as annual leave and sick pay as a temp, the hourly rate is higher to accommodate for this and could be a benefit to you in the short term
  • De-stress – forgotten what it is like to not think about work when you’re at home? Leave the worrying about budgets and board meetings to the permanent employees. Most temp employees are hired to do a very specific job which leaves you free to enjoy your free time without worrying about the office. 

How does temporary recruitment work? After your initial chat with a consultant over the phone, if temporary employment still suits you, we will invite you in to meet with us for an interview to discuss your experience and current opportunities. Find out more here.

Temporary employment is offered by a growing number of organisations for a number of reasons:

  • Staff sickness
  • Annual leave & parental leave
  • Handover cover (if an employee is leaving before the new employee can start)
  • To cover in restructures and redundancies
  • Longer term contractors useful for projects & events & end of year deadlines
  • An extra pair of hands for the day to day tasks to free up staff
  • Payrolling a member of staff to get around headcount freeze.

What roles do our clients ask for? Beaumont People specialises in all roles of business support for the sectors of Business Services, Contact Centre & Sales, Education, Associations & Memberships, Health & Social Care and Charities. ​We offer a variety of experienced temporary employees to our clients. The specific experience we are looking for depends on our clients needs. 

See our latest temporary jobs here!


To find out what is currently in demand & the current market pay rates, please contact a Consultant in the area most relevant to your own experience 

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