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Nikki Beaumont

Nikki Beaumont

Founder and CEO

Nikki is the Founder and CEO of Beaumont People, possessing over 30 years recruitment industry experience.

Nikki's credentials are a mix of unparalleled industry achievements, a highly tuned business acumen and market insight, combined with a level of personal care and human compassion.

Nikki founded Beaumont People in 2001, and from the first day of operating, Nikki has run the business with an entrepreneurial spirit, an innovative, forward-thinking marketing approach and a personal touch, that makes Beaumont People a genuine industry stand-out.

She has led the charge in changing the face of the recruitment industry in how it cares for its people and services clients and candidates alike.

A ‘people first’ philosophy and purpose-driven vision to connect people with organisations that empower them to do meaningful work and to create more opportunities for meaningful work in Australia, has seen Nikki provide much more than standard recruitment services to her customers.

Key to Nikki's success has been the unfaltering investment she makes in her people. From guiding the careers of her team through personal mentoring & development to providing industry-leading training programs, Nikki has crafted a work environment that is conducive to success - where her people are nurtured and motivated to achieve their personal best not only for the business, but as importantly, for themselves.

In 2019 Nikki implemented the first gender-neutral parental leave policy in the recruitment industry, also offering up to 16 weeks paid leave for all employees including those under sponsorship visas, continued access to training and incremental leave options.

Nikki’s foresight to the changing needs of working families/carers, and her respect for supporting and retaining her team members during these significant life milestones, has since seen many other organisations follow suit.

In 2019, Beaumont People was recognised as the 9th Best Place to Work in Australia for companies with under 100 employees – validation of her unwavering dedication and belief in placing people first.

Nikki's leadership qualities are also key to her success: with genuine humility and compassion, hard-working pragmatism and a deep commitment to creating the best possible opportunities for candidates, clients, her people and the industry, she has made an indelible impact on the Australian recruitment market.

Nikki's industry achievements include the successful management of the Olympic Recruitment Centre, for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. One of the most complex recruitment projects in Sydney's history, Nikki and her team successfully sourced, engaged and deployed thousands of hires across a multitude of skills and job types in her contribution to the ‘best Olympic Games of all time'.

Nikki's disciplined nature and drive shine through in her personal endeavours as well. From trekking to Everest Base Camp, to seeing in the new millennium driving a team of Huskies from Finland to the Russian border in sub-30c temperatures, Nikki's personal motivation is an inspiration to all around her.

She is immensely passionate about the Not-for-Profit sector. In 2009, at the peak of the Global Financial Crisis, Nikki founded a Not-for-Profit Division, in order to both amplify her contributions to the sector beyond corporate donation and volunteering efforts, as well as keep her team motivated during a catastrophic slump in the recruitment sector.

The division was launched after much consultation with Charity sector leaders and was founded on the notion of offering Australian registered charities a premium, 360-degree recruitment service at a fraction of the cost; all in a bid to see more of the already limited funds funnelled into program delivery.

In 2019, Beaumont People was celebrated for having saved over 320 Charities more than $20 million in recruitment fees through this model alone. Additionally, Nikki has funded in full a Not-for-Profit Leadership Mentoring Program and provided hundreds of complimentary T&D events with industry-leading speakers for charity professionals. All to support, nurture and see the sector grow.

Nikki has also been recognised as with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the RCSA, ranked as one of the Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs in 2018, and nominated as Telstra Business Women of the Year 2019. But above all, Nikki is recognised as a stand-out industry leader with a very big heart.