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How to Create Employee Advocates

How to Create Employee Advocates

over 1 year ago by Lauren Markovski

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I’ve recently spoken about why a strong Employer Brand is important for an organisation, and one of those reasons was your employees become your advocates. Job seekers say current employees are the most trusted source of information about a company. So how can you encourage this behaviour from your people?


1. Make workplace culture a priority

For employees to become brand ambassadors, they need to love more about their jobs than just their paychecks.


2. Get employees on-side

Start with a few, make it clear that sharing content with increase their visibility and credibility as a subject matter expert.


3. Recognise your employees work


4. Make advocacy easy

Give employees something interesting or fun to share. 


5. Be a brand cheerleader

When employees believe in the brand and are excited to come to work, they’re more likely to share brand content on social.