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Meet the Team: Nina Mapson Bone

Meet the Team: Nina Mapson Bone

3 months ago by Nina Mapson Bone

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Get to know our team a little bit better

Whether you are a job seeker, employer or interested in working at Beaumont People, this series will give you some insight into members of our team - what they recruit, why recruitment and other much needed to know facts!

Name: Nina Mapson Bone

Position: Managing Director

Specialisation: Blimey…in my role, a bit of everything! But probably best summarised as “People”

Food that makes you weak at the knees: All the “ch” foods…chocolate, cheese, chips, champagne…

Coffee Order: Skim flat white, please.

Pet’s Name: Buster and Bella - Labradors and Pip, Olive and Pepper the 2nd (don’t ask what happened to Pepper the 1st) –


Why did you become a recruiter?

By accident initially – I was a sales person who had to recruit our own teams, which led to recruiting all around British Universities for sales people…so when I arrived in Australia I decided to become a recruiter in an agency because I knew sales + recruitment experience would stand me in good stead….and I wanted the visa!

What makes you want to stay in Recruitment?

All sorts of things. The people, the interesting challenges, the ability to help and make a meaningful difference, the career opportunities it’s afforded me, the fun I have…..I’ve learnt that often the things we don’t like in work are more about us as individuals, and the culture/team you work with so if you can improve yourself, and love the people you work with then, for me, they are the biggest things that make work meaningful.

You have been with Beaumont People since 2015, what made you want to join our team?

The culture, the approach to contributing to the communities we are involved in, the fact that placing people first was genuine and not just a saying on a wall.

Can you give a brief summary of the type of roles you recruit?

I very rarely actually recruit directly any more, but am often involved in introducing new clients to members of our team across all the areas we recruit in and I still love visiting a client and finding out all about their business and what makes them tick.

What is your favourite #BeaumontPerk and why?

Oh so many. All the big ones are great (Hamilton Island, 4 day week for example) but honestly….I also love the amounts of salted nuts I get to eat in the office.

What makes work #meaningful to you?

I get a massive kick out of seeing people reach their potential – both with the people we place and with our internal staff. I love that there are people in our industry that have their own successful recruitment business who had their first ever job in recruitment with me. I love seeing people in our team reach goals they didn’t think they could and progressing their careers. I love that we help connect people to meaningful work in many different ways.

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