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Meet the Team: Krystelle Budd

Meet the Team: Krystelle Budd

Krystelle Budd

3 months ago by Krystelle Budd

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Get to know our team a little bit better

Whether you are a job seeker, employer or interested in working at Beaumont People, this series will give you some insight into members of our team - what they recruit, why recruitment and other much needed to know facts!

Name: Krystelle Budd

Position: Recruitment Coordinator

Food that makes you weak at the knees: Mexican – Tacos, Burritos, Enchiladas and Chocolate

Coffee Order: Hot Chocolate

Pet’s Name: Autumn

Why did you become a recruiter?

I wanted to work in recruitment as it allowed me to use all my admin and customer skills as well as my university degree (recruitment was one of my favourite uni subjects) to be able to assist candidates in their job search and help them find meaningful work/their dream role.

What makes you want to stay in Recruitment?

I enjoy supporting candidates through the job-seeking process and aligning the right candidates with their dream role within a great organisation.

You have been with Beaumont People since 2018, what made you want to join our team?

I wanted to work with an organisation that aligned with my values and luckily for me Beaumont aligns with all of my core values and provides a wonderful, supportive workplace with endless opportunities for growth.

Can you give a brief summary of the type of roles you recruit?

I support two billing managers and a consultant with a busy dual desk as well as reception/office management.

Roles I recruit are Administration, Reception, Accounts – Bookkeepers, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Customer service.

What is your favourite #BeaumontPerk and why?

My favourite Beaumont Perk is the Hamilton Island incentive, working towards a goal is very motivating and being able to spend 3 days in the beautiful Whitsundays with the team soaking up the sunshine and creating memories is so much fun.

What makes work #meaningful to you?

Being able to support candidates through what can often be a stressful time is very rewarding and even more so when we are able to place them in their dream role.


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