Nina Mapson Bone


Nina Mapson Bone

Managing Director

With extensive leadership and directorship experience Nina has built and restructured high-performing teams with a focus on talent attraction and retention.

As a seasoned non-executive director and managing director, she understands the challenges and complexities of driving growth and ensuring a customer-first approach in large, diverse businesses that have multiple service lines. Skilled at building strategy and managing risk, she is also a strong operational manager who oversees both sides of the ledger on the P&L. 

As a confidante to other board members, and to CEO's for a long time, she personally develops and maintains partnerships with key stakeholders across all the service lines Beaumont People operate in - education, associations and memberships, health and social care, business services, contact centre and sales, charities and executive search. Her relationships keep her well-informed of market and movements, and as a facilitator of relationships she delights in bringing talented people together to drive value, build vision and realise opportunities.

If you operate a sizable business here in Australia, and you want to maximise your people strategy – connect with Nina.