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How to be seen in a crowded market

How to be seen in a crowded market

Erin Hinchey

11 months ago by Erin Hinchey

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Job seeking right now is tough. There is no point in sugar-coating it.  The market is saturated with high-quality candidates, all looking for new opportunities, with not enough jobs to go round. So, what can you do to improve your chances of having your resume  ‘seen’ and more opportunities coming your way?

Here are some of my tips and tricks that I hope will help you to secure your next job.

1)  Your LinkedIn Profile

When is the last time you have updated your LinkedIn profile?  Now's the time to do it! 

  • Ensure you have an up-to-date resume saved, contact details available and visible for recruiters to see and maybe a catchy punch line to grab your network's attention.  "Financial Accountant open to new opportunities" for example

  • Do not be afraid to use your networks.  Follow the companies that recruit for roles in your industry and sign up to job alerts

  • Make a recommendation for someone you worked for previously, or someone who reported into you and don't be afraid to ask for the same; you are worth it!

Learn more: Watch our Marketing Executive, Lauren Markovski, share her tips on ‘How to optimise your LinkedIn Profile.

2) Seek and Indeed Profiles

If you don't already have an active Seek or Indeed profile, now is the time to register. Even if you do have an account, ensure your most up-to-date resume is available as well as your contact information. You can select your preferred locations, industry and salaries as well as sign up to job alerts.  

3) Facebook Job Seeking

Though relatively new, Facebook job seeking has seen a lot of success. You can sign up to groups in your area or locations that you are willing to travel to and best of all, it's all free.

  • For example, 'Northern Beaches Job Boards' posts some really great opportunities for roles in the Northern Beaches.  There is also a tab for ‘Jobs’ on your main page that you can filter according to your skill set, location etc. and you can apply directly there.

4) Recruitment Agencies

If you are not already signed up with a recruitment agency, find one that recruits within your specialisation.  More times than not, recruiters rely on the candidates that are already ‘on their books’ for jobs and don't always advertise all of the roles that they are recruiting for, so this will give you a better opportunity for new roles.  If you are already registered with an agency, be sure to check their website for active roles they are working on.  Most have a ‘job alerts’ function whereby you can get the roles that are relevant to your skillset emailed directly to you.  

5) Temping, contracting, volunteering opportunities

Are you in between roles and just desperate to get back to work?  Have you considered temping, contracting, or volunteering opportunities?  Temping is a wonderful way to get your foot in the door and prove yourself to an organisation that simply cannot live without you and the amazing work you do. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community as well as creating networking opportunities. 

Beaumont People are always here to help you. We have a dedicated page for Jobseekers, where you can access our complimentary resources including, Interview Techniques, Personal Branding, Resume Tips, LinkedIn Tricks and more.

You can access our Educational videos on our YouTube Channel here.