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Learnings from Surviving the GFC

Learnings from Surviving the GFC

Lauren Markovski

about 1 year ago by Lauren Markovski

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An interview with Nikki Beaumont, CEO Beaumont People

In this fascinating podcast, Nikki Beaumont talks to Lynne Schinella about how she successfully navigated her business through the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and the learnings she is now taking from that time into the situation we are faced with today.

Listen below:

About Nikki Beaumont

Nikki is the Founder and CEO of Beaumont People, possessing over 30 years recruitment industry experience.

In 2009, at the peak of the Global Financial Crisis, Nikki founded a Not-for-Profit Division, in order to both amplify her contributions to the sector beyond corporate donation and volunteering efforts, as well as keep her team motivated during a catastrophic slump in the recruitment sector.

In 2019, Beaumont People was celebrated for having saved over 320 Charities more than $20 million in recruitment fees through this model alone. Additionally, Nikki has funded in full a Not-for-Profit Leadership Mentoring Program and provided hundreds of complimentary T&D events with industry-leading speakers for charity professionals. All to support, nurture and see the sector grow.

Nikki has also been recognised as with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the RCSA, ranked as one of the Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs in 2018, and nominated as Telstra Business Women of the Year 2019. But above all, Nikki is recognised as a stand-out industry leader with a very big heart. Learn more about our incredible leader Nikki Beaumont and her industry contributions here.

About Lynne Schinella

Lynne Schinella is a business speaker, and online presenter and facilitator who's been helping people connect for decades, whether through her award winning business events company or communications company.

Creator of the Ripe Personality Profiling System in 2004, she has now trained thousands of people on how to work with the strengths and challenges of being an Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana to work more effectively together with people not like yourself.

Obsessed with people being the core of any business, she is the author of Bite Me! and other do's and don'ts of dealing with our differences and her second book, Pick Me! Loving and living with people you just don’t get is due out in late 2020.

She speaks the language of the people. With the instinctive ability to connect across multi levels of seniority, culture, generation and much more, Lynne's real gift is in her practical, down to earth approach, her conversational relaxed style and a talent for making the complex simple and relevant.