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Why Employer Branding is Important

Why Employer Branding is Important

Lauren Markovski

over 1 year ago by Lauren Markovski

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I work in the Marketing department here at Beaumont People, and now more than ever, I am seeing the term ‘Employer Branding’ everywhere. Establishing a strong employer brand doesn’t happen overnight, it makes time and involves all levels and functions of the business, from the Marketing department to the CEO. But why is employer branding so important?


Firstly, it helps retain employees and recruit new ones

When you have a company with a solid reputation in the market, genuinely have interest in their people, and keep a fabulous work culture, you’ll have no problem attracting the best people who want to stay at your organisation. Instead of spending a lot of time promoting and reaching out to people to apply, you instead can sit back and let the applications come to you.


In addition, it can also reduce costs

As mentioned it reduces the advertising costs of promoting a hard to fill position and plus you can save on salaries. Of course, you want to be fair in your offer, but if you have a bad reputation, you may have to pay a lot more to encourage great talent.

Your employees become your ambassadors

When your current employees talk about the business, this helps the brand becomes stronger without spending much on marketing because awareness increases by word of mouth. 

Improves employee engagement

Having a strong employer image will not only improve the perception of your company from the public but also in your company as well. Employees who work in strong brands are generally more enthusiastic and motivated. Having motivated employees is great for an employer because they are more productive and more productivity means more growth for a business. 


Every company should try to be the first company potential employees will think of. Having a strong employer brand allows your company to be recognised and increases your brand awareness. Ranging from Instagram to LinkedIn to the company’s website, the public will be observing your company’s online presence and studying your values and culture. So make sure this is clearly shown through your posts and the content you put out there.