An Interview with ABC Radio: In Search of Meaningful Work

An Interview with ABC Radio: In Search of Meaningful Work


over 1 year ago by Lauren Markovski


Do you find meaning in your work? How much is it linked to your identity?

We have embarked on the journey with researchers, Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith and Dr Jill Rathborne, to create Australia’s 1st Meaningful Work Profiling Tool to help individuals determine their need for meaningful work and assist organisations to provide more meaningful work. 

Our Managing Director, Nina Mapson Bone and Associate Professor in Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne, Peggy Kern spoke to ABC Radio This Working Life host Lisa Leong, to discuss what is meaningful work and how it's linked to wellbeing.

Listen to the podcast episode here.

If you want to take part in Australia’s 1st Meaningful Work Survey, visit our website here to complete both surveys.