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The Forgotten Benefits of Employing Temps

The Forgotten Benefits of Employing Temps

Erin Hinchey

almost 2 years ago by Erin Hinchey

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Listen to this article instead:

New research by the Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed that close to a quarter of Australian companies now employ temporary staff on a regular basis to cope with periods of increased demand, special projects or intense workloads.

The demand from job seekers for greater flexibility and blended work options, only supports this, as the benefits of temporary employment become more widespread.

Just some of the benefits our own temporary employees have expressed, include:

  1. Increasing exposure to different company cultures, sectors and new career fields

  2. Access to new industry networks with the opportunity to develop new relationships with industry peers

  3. Greater flexibility of work, knowing that when your assignment is over, you can take some time off in between roles

  4. Exposure to new skills and experience that can translate to the next assignment.

Likewise, there are many common advantages to hiring temporary employees:

  1. They fill temporary vacancies such as such sick leave, annual leave and parental leave

  2. Provide support to overstretched full-time workers. For instance, during special projects and peak seasons

  3. They flex your workforce during spurts of growth or organisational change.

But there may be some other benefits that aren’t as often considered.  Such as:

  • Specialised expertise, quick ramp-up - Some projects require a person with experience that you just don’t have in-house. An experienced temporary employee often needs less ramp-up time than a permanent hire, which allows you and your team to get those projects that needed to be done yesterday, done today.

  • Fresh perspectives - New talent brings new ideas to your organisation. Your temp’s prior employment and experience could mean success for your next project. How many times have you heard a new employee say, “Well at my last job we did ...”?

  • Temps make great full-time staff - If you have a temp working for you on a project, you have time to evaluate if they might fit with your team as a permanent employee. At the same time, they have the benefit of understanding what the position is really all about and get a full sense of your company’s culture and values.

With the demand and rise of temporary employment, ensuring you consider this as part of your recruitment strategy will be advantageous to your business and your permanent employees.

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