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Shareholder Announcement

Shareholder Announcement

Sarah Ferraina

over 1 year ago by Sarah Ferraina

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Last month, Beaumont People took another big step in sustaining its continued growth, with Managing Director, Nina Mapson Bone becoming a shareholder of the business.

“When you find someone as fabulous as Nina, who has done so much to develop the business to what it is today, you want to make sure you keep them!”, says CEO and Founder Nikki Beaumont.

“Nina has made a massive impact on the business, she’s brought so much more to Beaumont than I ever imagined, and I am sure there is more to come!”.

Since joining Beaumont People in 2015, Nina has grown the business year on year in a solid and sustainable way. She has diversified the business opening 3 new divisions, reduced staff turnover to less than 15% and introduced a myriad of cultural improvements, which recently earned the accolade of being recognised as the 9th Best Place To Work in Australia, across all industries, for organisations under 100 employees.

“Not only that, I love working with Nina, we really make a great team, we have different but complementing skills and strengths but the same core values which make for a perfect partnership. There is much mutual respect and care for each other, and we have a lot of fun”, adds Nikki.

One of Nina’s greatest strengths is her natural ability to lead and inspire those around her. There is a genuine care and support for her team, and a priority to develop authentic relationships across the business. The result being a team of very capable and successful people who deliver an outstanding service to our clients and candidates. 

“I personally am always learning from Nina and I love that.  I love that she brings more to the business, fresh ideas, a new perspective, a different perspective to mine and isn’t afraid to challenge my ideas, that’s one of the things that makes this partnership so great! It made sense to me, to put something in place to ensure we get to work together for a long time to come!”.

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