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How to Make a Successful Career Change

How to Make a Successful Career Change

over 1 year ago by Lauren Maree Markovski

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As leading recruitment specialists, we often speak to clients who are transitioning into a new industry or career at some stage in their working life. There are many reasons why people might be embarking on a career change, including stress, lack of work/life balance, redundancy or a feeling of fulfilment. No matter what the reason is, armed with the right advice and tools, it is possible to make a successful transition at any age.
We recently spoke to Noble Oak to share our expert advice on how to plan for a career change in your 40s and beyond.
The top 3 things to do when embarking on a mid-life career change

1. Get clear on what you want

Invest time to be really clear about what you want in your career moving forward. Not just what job role, salary, or location you would like, but also consider what makes work meaningful for you?  

Think about what’s important to you when it comes to values, culture and leadership. Is remuneration high priority or is aligning with your values and purpose more important? What industry appeals to you, and is your contribution important or connection with the community? What have you enjoyed in the past and what have you not enjoyed?

2. Identify your strengths

Take the time to identify your strengths — ask people you’ve worked with previously and take an online strengths assessment, which can be very affordable.  You will find it easier to change direction and get interviews and will be more likely to perform much better in a role that is more closely aligned with your strengths.


3. Find a career coach or mentor

It’s well worth investing in a trusted career coach or mentor to help guide you through making the right decisions and setting you up to make a great impression.  In addition to expert coaching, they can help you update your resume, tailor it to stand out in the crowd, ensure it aligns with your new direction, get your LinkedIn profile work-ready, direct you to do some research on the current job market in your area and where are your likely to see jobs advertised.
For more expert advice on how to plan for a successful career transition, including mistakes to avoid and how to upskill for a new role, take a look at the full article on the Noble Oak website


If you would like more help on your job search including, resume writing, interview training, social media strategies and more, we have a team of Beaumont People Career Coaching and Transition experts that can offer this service. Visit our website here to learn more and get in contact.