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The Leadership Series: Q&A With Kylea Tink | CEO, Campaigner and Director

The Leadership Series: Q&A With Kylea Tink | CEO, Campaigner and Director

Liska Turner

over 1 year ago by Liska Turner

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The Leadership Series: Leadership Observations From The Front Line

Interviews with Leaders from the For-Purpose sector with Liska Turner


For-Purpose leaders are as diverse as the organisations that they lead. Every couple of months I sit down with a Leader where they share their experiences and thoughts on leading a for-purpose organisation. This month I had the pleasure of talking to Kylea Tink, CEO, Campaigner and Director. 


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A born campaigner and storyteller, Kylea Tink has taken full advantage of the different opportunities that have presented themselves throughout her career. In our conversation, she discusses:

  • Modelling culture has evolved for her from being prepared to do everything herself, to empowering other people to shape, verbalise and embody the culture of the organisation and in doing so build trust across the business ….. and that includes your board

  • How her best habit is also her worst; restlessness and what this meant for her

  • The biggest difference and commonality between working in the charity and commercial sector 

  • What advice she would give to a brand new CEO and;

  • Her best leadership decision, which isn't necessarily what you might think!


Kylea Tink - CEO, Campaigner and Director

For the past 30 years, Kylea Tink has worked across, and within, the Government, Commercial and Not-for-Profit sectors, to drive positive change for communities both here in Australia and internationally. Her capacity to quickly come to grips with business and stakeholder challenges has seen her champion the development of a number of iconic public health and community mobilisation campaigns. From her early work campaigning to restrict the supply of tobacco to minors, through to the work she did as CEO at the McGrath Foundation to exponentially expand their Breast Care Nurse 


Network, and her most recent work with Camp Quality again as CEO driving a process of change, Kylea is seen as an inspirational leader whose commitment to never settling for the status quo has resulted in the creation of some extraordinary campaigns which have delivered tangible and sustainable change. A firm believer in the importance of "always employing people smarter than herself", when asked to describe some of her greatest achievements, she quickly talks of the success of others that she has worked with.


Connect with Kylea on LinkedIn here.


Liska Turner is an executive recruiter that specialises in the For-Purpose Sector. She works with Boards and CEO’s to build sustainable organisations through connecting people and ideas. She can be contacted at liska@beaumontpeople.com.au or 02 9279 2777.