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Contributing to Successful Teams

Contributing to Successful Teams

Liska Turner

over 1 year ago by Liska Turner

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Today I want to talk about leadership and teams and in particular Google's Project Aristotle's findings of the five characteristics of a successful team, a high-performing team at that. They are Psychological Safety, Meaning, Impact, Dependability, Structure and Clarity and the most important one that we can contribute to as leaders is Psychological Safety because really at the end of the day we are a member of the team that we manage.


So, in no particular order here are some suggestions on how we can do that.

  • Be open to new ideas

  • Be open to hearing ideas that are different from yours

  • Be curious

  • Do what you say you're going to do

  • Support people when they step outside their comfort zone

  • Listen

  • Probably most importantly is, treat people as they want to be treated it's far more meaningful that way.