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3 Years, Thank you

3 Years, Thank you

about 3 years ago by Justine Dorrell

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3 Years, Thank you


This month marks the three-year anniversary of the Northern Rivers Office for Beaumont People. Three years ago, I opened my laptop to a database that was a completely blank canvas which was very exciting and slightly scary at the same time. I sat at my dining room table with a belief that I wanted to provide a recruitment experience to our clients and candidates that was ethical, honest and professional, which is the Beaumont way. 

Where to start? I wrote lots of email templates, got some fancy flyers and business cards printed and developed a sales plan.

The first three months were extremely difficult. When you are working on your own, you need to motivate yourself, there is no team around you to offer support. Don’t get me wrong, I had amazing support from our Sydney office, our MD, Nina and our CEO, Nikki were great, amazing really. But, ultimately when you are sitting at your dining room table only you can drive yourself to keep going. 

I had such a belief that this business would be successful, that failure was never an option.  

I wanted to create a team of recruiters who would work with local businesses and develop long lasting relationships. Then three months turned into six months and then, one year, two years and now three years. We now have four of us working full time in the Byron office and are always looking for opportunities to grow our team.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have helped me get to where I am. 

  • Thank you to those who answered my calls when I called to introduce myself
  • Thank you to those clients who took the time to speak with me when I dropped in with my flyer and business card.
  • Thank you to those who accepted my contact request via LinkedIn
  • Thank you to those who agreed to meet with me to learn more about our business
  • Thank you to those who took my call but did not have a need for a recruitment agency, I was still very grateful that you took the time to speak with me
  • Thank you to all of the candidates and clients who have worked with us
  • Thank you to those who attended one of our events or invited me to attend one of your events
  • Thank you to Tim who was my landlord and the only person that I had to talk to when I moved into my first little office
  • Thank you to all of the people who have had an impact on our business, I could not have done it without ALL of you.
  • Finally, thank you to Nikki Beaumont for believing in me and allowing me to open a Beaumont office in Byron.

I love my job and I love that we have now created a business that supports four Beaumont Angels, Bec, Chloe and Merry and more in the future. We have placed over 192 people in roles across the Northern Rivers and QLD! We have over 5500 candidates on our database and have worked with over 100 local and interstate businesses. If you believe in something enough you can make it happen.