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How does Temporary Recruitment work?

How does Temporary Recruitment Work?

If you haven’t already, submit your resume for us to review.

​A Consultant may contact you for an initial chat over the phone. If temporary employment still suits you, we will invite you in to meet with us for an interview to discuss your experience and any current opportunities. If suitable, your details will be passed onto our clients for review and if successful we’ll be straight on the phone to you to confirm the details and follow up with a confirmation email. 

We will always confirm:

  • Hourly rate
  • Working hours
  • Address
  • Who to ask for on arrival 
  • Dress code

Temporary roles don’t always have an exact finish date, however we will give you as much detail on this upon acceptance of the role.

Once you are placed in a temporary role with us, we will check in on your first day, mid-placement and at completion. We are always just a phone call or email away so if you ever need to discuss anything with us, don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Temporary employees are paid weekly. You are responsible for completing your timesheet on the last day of each week. This must be approved by your supervisor. If there are any issues in relation to your working hours, we will be in touch with you directly. Please note: you will need to include a minimum half hour (30min) break when working for more than 5 hours in the day.

Approved timesheets must be returned to us by 11.00am each Monday. Your pay will be deposited by EFT in to your bank account each Thursday. Your pay advice will be emailed by Wednesday. Any changes to payment timesframes (for example, when public holidays occur) will be communicated to you well in advance.

Superannuation contributions are paid into your nominated fund on a quarterly basis by the 28th day of the month following the end of quarter.


We want to put you in a role that you will enjoy, feel useful and thrive – no matter how short a time you might be doing it for. Likewise, we want our clients to feel the support and help from the staff that we place with them. To do this, we will be honest with you on what to expect at your temporary place of work and we will be honest with our clients on your skills and experience. 

We will be as transparent with you as we can be – we do not always receive a job description for you, nor do we get to meet the entire team you are working with before you start; however we value our relationships with you and you clients and ask you to be honest with us when we check in with you as we can not help if we do not know something isn’t right. 

Your Consultant is always available to call or email. They will also be in touch throughout your placement and will let you know as soon as we do if your role is being extended or coming to an end sooner than originally anticipated.  

We ask all our temporary employees to keep us in the loop with your availability, so we can call you with opportunities as they arise.