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Attachment Reports

Attachment Reports

At the start of a new role, many candidates will experience a level of uncertainty; sometimes disappointment at the onboarding process; occasionally unexpected factors in relation to their role, their peers, their manager. These are potentially fatal factors that can have a debilitating effect on the engagement of new staff, their productivity and the level of attachment that exists between new hire & employer.

There is a critical period after a new hire starts, where the employer can work towards the highest level of attachment through strategic management, monitoring and communication.

With our partners from Sork HC, we provide every client with a new employee attachment strategy, monitoring process and report: a critical management tool that enables our clients to facilitate the best possible hiring outcome through maximum attachment of their staff.

Through better attachment, our clients are able to develop a positive, highly sought after workplace culture as their people are actively engaged. The result is a happier more productive workforce and a vastly improved business performance.