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Let Them Know It's Christmas 2018 - Vote Now

Let Them Know It's Christmas - Voting Now Closed

See our six shortlisted finalists in our 'Let Them Know It's Christmas' 2018 donation campaign. Voting has now closed, see our winners here.

1. KidsXpress

Every night across Australia, 1-in-7 children go to bed afraid. Afraid of what they witnessed during the day, afraid that tomorrow will bring more pain and for some, afraid that in the darkness the monsters who take away their innocence will return. KidsXpress provides trauma-focused programs to help children, families and professionals transform that fear into a life full of hope and a future our children deserve.

With this funding, two children who are facing emotional trauma will be able to attend our Expressive Therapy program where they will be encouraged to not only explore their thoughts and feeling, but to find their own ways to cope with them. Not just for now, but from now on.

Make a donation to KidsXpress

2.  Delta Society​

We would like to take our therapy dog teams to meet students, charity workers, and a womensand youth shelter for a Paws the Pressure visit. This would involve up to five teams of accredited therapy dogs and their handlers visiting a school, and office, and shelter. The simple interaction with one of our therapy dogs would bring a much needed reprieve from exams forthe students, a busy schedule for charity workers, and a moment of happiness for those seeking refuge in times of crisis.

Each visit costs $990 with added transport costs, so we would like to request $3000-$3500 from Beaumont to support these visits and make a difference in someone's day. Our therapy dogs meet Australians all over the country and this Christmas Delta would like to make sure many experience the joy and power that our therapy dog teams bring.

3. Property Industry Foundation

The mission of the Property Industry Foundation is to make a tangible difference to the serious and persistent problem of youth homelessness. This is achieved by partnering with respected charities to build safe environments and support charity-managed initiatives focused on education, employment and well-being.

The Property Industry foundation would use the $5,000 in the most tangible way by turning our next PIF House into a HOME with soft furnishings, new Manchester, desk lamps & stationary packs for studying, toiletry packs for each young person arriving into the house, books for information and inspiration.

4. The SHIFT Project

The SHIFT Project is a small not-for-profit charity based in Byron Bay that supports women from the region and beyond who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The SHIFT Program addresses the unique needs of this markedly disadvantaged group through a holistic residential education program. A significant component of the program offered at The SHIFT Project focuses on increasing financial independence via up-skilling and pathways to employment. This includes The SHIFT Laundry Service. The Service enables us to provide an in-house employment and skill development opportunity for women in our program.

This work contributes to building financial independence and employability skills, and strengthens qualities such as commitment, consistency and delivering quality/timely work. If our grant is successful it will serve as part payment toward an industrial washing machine. Through a local fundraising initiative we have been able to secure $7,000, however we are $5,000 short of the overall cost of the machine.

Make a donation to The SHIFT Project

5. Project Futures

PROJECT FUTURES gives hope by transforming the lives of women and children affected by human trafficking, slavery and sexual exploitation in Australia and Cambodia. We know that financial independence and education transform the life of the individual, but also, children and future generations. Ultimately breaking the cycle, reducing her vulnerability to sex trafficking.

Therefore, we propose the funding of 7 micro-finance businesses for women who are survivors and looking to be educated in a vocation, allowing them to run a successful business to support herself and her family. For $4550 we can fund 7 businesses. This will see each survivor receive 2-years of support in her chosen vacation... with choice essential in supporting her empowerment.

In the Project Futures’ ‘Let Them Know It’s Christmas 2018’ video published on our website and Youtube Channel, a photo of a woman sewing appeared at the 37 second mark. This photo was incorrectly included in the video as this lady is not and has not received funding or assistance from Project Futures or AFESIP. Beaumont People was not made aware of this error until after the ‘Let Them Know It’s Christmas 2018’ campaign ended.  Beaumont People apologises to the woman concerned for any distress caused and to all those who viewed the video for any misunderstanding or confusion caused by this erroneous publication.

6. The Funding Network

As featured recently on ABC Compass ‘Pitch Up’, The Funding Network, a lean non-profit, connects people and causes in need of support with people who care, through our live pitch-and-pledge crowdfunding events. Over the past five years, TFN has shaken up giving by leveraging the collective power of people, facilitating almost $11 million in financial and in-kind support to over 225 grassroots non-profits doing inspiring work in their communities.

A donation to The Funding Network (TFN) this Christmas will be a direct investment in non-profit capacity building in 2019 and beyond. With $5000 we can run a half-day 'Pitching Purpose' workshop with 10 leaders from 5 Australian non-profits that Beaumont People believe in and support.