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Webinar: People, Hiring and COVID-19

Webinar: People, Hiring and COVID-19


Thursday, 14 May 2020

12:00 PM - 13:00 PM

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People, Hiring and COVID-19

Every organisation has been impacted during these times. Some are wondering how they will get through the coming months; others are busier than they’ve ever been.

Regardless of the nature of the impact, every leader we know has been asking us the same questions:
  • What factors should we consider when deciding whether to hire people in this environment?
  • What factors should we be considering around our existing people and teams?
  • How do we ensure we are ready to move quickly with the right people when the bounce back (or bounce forward) occurs?
  • How can we run an effective recruitment process and on-board properly with our new ways of working?
  • In a climate when people are nervous to leave their jobs, how can we secure great talent for our business?
Hear about these issues and more from Nina Mapson Bone, Managing Director of Beaumont People, in this complimentary webinar.

This webinar will include a Q&A.

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About Nina Mapson Bone

With a career spanning over 20 years, Nina’s number one passion is her passion for people. Since joining Beaumont People in 2015, she continues to use her wealth of knowledge and expertise to grow, inspire, and empower the team leading with an underlying vision whereby people everywhere are engaged in meaningful work.

A regular speaker and trainer, she shares her expertise on all things involving People, Leadership, Strategy, Talent Attraction, Onboarding, Retention and more, to her team, clients and candidates through workshops, seminars and events. 

Being the collaborative individual, she is (who loves a little chit-chat!), Nina enjoys engaging in insightful discussions and thrives on building relationships. She personally develops and maintains partnerships with key stakeholders, and delights in bringing talented people together to drive value, build a vision and realise opportunities.

Nina’s positive influence has stemmed beyond Beaumont People, assuming several appointments for the RCSA since 2012 including her current position, President.