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Upping the Ante with Charity and Corporate Partnerships

Upping the Ante with Charity and Corporate Partnerships


Tuesday, 27 August 2019

08:15 AM - 09:30 AM

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Upping the Ante with Charity and Corporate Partnerships – Risk or Requirement?


Accenture Strategy’s Global Consumer Pulse Research revealed that consumers, across all generations, care about what retailers say and how they act. They are demanding their favourite brands stop focusing solely on their bottom line and start standing up for the issues their customers care deeply about. It’s no longer a question whether brands ‘should’, but  ‘how they will’.

Perhaps you already know how to create shared value with a brand in ways that supports your mission and their brand purpose? If so, you are probably taking advantage of this new landscape to adapt your approaches to partnerships in ways that access increased levels of support, exposure and visibility. 

However, if you are stuck doing what you have always done, come along and learn practical steps to make your approach to potential partners much more effective. There will both charities and brands in the room – an IDEAL opportunity to network and explore!

Bambuddha Group and Beaumont People present, Abby Clemence, Corporate Partnerships Expert, who will share real-life case studies and valuable lessons she’s learned along the way to help fast track your success with partners. 


Plus, introducing 'You Ask. We Tell' - an interactive Q&A session, giving you the chance to ask your burning questions and learn from your peers. 


This session is ideal for:

  • CEO’s, Owners
  • Corporate Partnership/Sponsorship Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Marketing Managers or Brand Managers
  • Corporate Fundraising or Fundraising Managers
  • CSR Managers






About Abby Clemence

Abby is an international speaker and one of Australia's leading corporate partnership experts.

She helps For-Profit and For-Purpose organisations unlock the secrets of great partnerships and her specialty lies in teaching fundraisers to build partnerships that create meaningful and sustainable impact.

It doesn’t matter if you’re volunteering on a committee in your rural town, or working for a global charity - every single one of you is working for change and better outcomes.

Abby is in your corner and can teach you how to connect with the right brands, master your skills and grow your income.

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About Anna Sheppard

Founder and CEO of Bambuddha Group, a leadership development network for sustainable businesses, Anna has added value to hundreds of companies by showing them how to 'work kinder'. She has raised millions in funds for charities via mutual partnerships, created for social and environmental impact.

Anna is also the founder of several other major initiatives including The Corporate Kindness Project, which is an Australian based research study focusing on the business benefits of working kind.

The Gamechangers Gathering is an annual event founded by Bambuddha Group which brings together thought leaders and social impact experts dedicated to creating change. The network holds sustainable leadership keynote events every two months, built to encourage members to collaborate, educate, evaluate and celebrate sustainable development.