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Understanding & Managing the Employee Lifecycle: Attraction, Attachment, Alignment, Detachment, Post Employment

Understanding & Managing the Employee Lifecycle: Attraction, Attachment, Alignment, Detachment, Post Employment


Tuesday, 26 March 2019

08:30 AM - 09:30 AM

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Join us for a breakfast event with Anthony Sork - a thought leader in Employee Attachment. 


The general understanding of employee engagement has helped to build and understanding of the need to consider the strength of bond between an employee and an organisation. In turn this bond impacts the risk of attrition and the discretionary effort and contribution of an employee. What most organisations do to measure and manage this is atypically take a one size fits all approach. Though this gives some reasonable insight to the majority of the workforce, it does not factor the differences that should be considered at each of the lifecycle stages of employment. 


After this breakfast you will understand:

  • What is the employee lifecycle?
  • What makes each stage different?
  • What can you do to measure and manage each of these stages to achieve better workforce insights and controls?
This event will be ideal for:
  • HRDs
  • HRMs
  • HRBP's Line Managers
By understanding and measuring employees differently in each of these stages, greater insights and control can be achieved in managing a workforce and the risks associated with unwanted attrition. This session will explore the key lifecycle stages of the employee, what makes them different and how an organisation should approach the measurement and management of talent differently at each of these stages.
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About Anthony Sork


As a thought leader in Employee Attachment, Anthony Sork has changed the way organisations connect with talent to boost performance and retention in Australia, the UK, New Zealand and the United States. His award winning patented instrument, Employee Attachment Inventory (EAI) has helped thousands of Hiring Managers to create meaningful onboarding experiences across industries including Banking & Finance, Recruitment, Pharma & Medical Device, Government, Media, NFP and Industrial.

Anthony has spoken at leading industry conferences globally and in the USA through numerous SHRM events. His audiences describe him as “upbeat”, “articulate”, “engaging” and “passionate”. “It’s not just his depth and breadth  of knowledge, it’s his ability to connect with his audience and get them excited not only about the content, but more importantly the application of the material.”

With over 100 blogs and media mentions, Anthony has been featured in the Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, Management Today, Human Capital Magazine, Recruitment Extra & ABC Radio. You can learn more about Employee Attachment across Anthony’s social media channels which attracts a worldwide audience.