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The Corporate Kindness Breakfast Series

The Corporate Kindness Breakfast Series


Tuesday, 6 November 2018

08:30 AM - 09:30 AM

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The Corporate Kindness Series brought to you by Bambuddha Group and Beaumont People


Working with the purpose of creating better outcomes for social and environmental problems is the direction many companies are heading.


By undertaking this practice they are also improving connection to community, staff, environment and stakeholders which in return builds trust, revenue and business sustainability. With research showing that competitive advantage is now dependent on this shift, are you ready for the next generation?


Did you know 95% of Gen Z and Millennials would switch brands for a good cause? How does your organisation work to empower and retain the 85% of people who feel they have no purpose in the workplace?


In this 3 part breakfast series, we dig deeper into key areas of social responsibility. Using testimonials, industry knowledge and live guest speakers, the Bambuddha team of experts will give you practical tips and advice on how to get the ball rolling on your corporate kindness journey.


Part 1 – Cause Marketing and Customer Engagement | Thursday, 13th September 2018  - This event has now closed.

Presented by Carolyn Butler-Madden & Anna Sheppard 


Carolyn and Anna will be giving examples, and best practice in 'cause-led' customer engagement, sharing some key tips and suggestions on how to give your marketing a kick-start to becoming a force for good.


Part 2 – Community & Charity Partnerships | Tuesday, 16th October 2018 This event has now closed.

Presented by Gerry Voon, Laura Casillas & Anna Sheppard


In this session, Gerry and Anna discuss the ‘Profit with Purpose’ business approach and the importance of sustainable community partnerships. In this panel discussion, we will explore how Oxfam and Deloitte have created, nurtured and maintained a healthy 2-decade-long partnership; we look back nostalgically as we approach their 20th year of impact in 2019.

Part 3 – People, Culture & Purpose | Tuesday, 6th November 2018

Presented by Helen Merrick & Anna Sheppard along side case study speaker – Kylie Owen 


In this session, we explore the benefits of creating a workplace and culture for purpose. You will hear live testimonials of how this works in practice along with an update on what is trending in the workplace wellbeing and productivity.


Corporate Kindness starts at home and attracting and retaining workers in now more difficult than ever. Do not miss this great opportunity to hear how they made this happen and to receive some advice and tips around embedding more purpose into your people and culture.



Part 4 – Corporate Kindness 101 Workshop | Tuesday, 27th November 2018

Presented by Anna Sheppard, Bambuddha Group

This is an independantly run, paid-for event, that brings together and unpacks further all the content discussed in the complimentary breakfast sessions.