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Growing Revenue Through Innovation - Adapting to Thrive

Growing Revenue Through Innovation - Adapting to Thrive


Thursday, 5 July 2018

08:30 AM - 10:00 AM

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This unique, interactive session is an opportunity for Not-For-Profit CEOs, Board Directors and Heads of Department to walk through the elements required to drive your organisation to greater levels of innovation around funding opportunities.


Building a sustainable revenue base is an organisational priority in an increasingly tight funding market. 


As the former Director of Innovation at Cancer Research UK and an experienced, highly regarded senior consultant, Gavin Coopey works with Boards and organisational leaders to drive transformative customer-led change.


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Gavin will use market insights, bespoke research, case studies and proven techniques to help you tailor an approach to fit your needs.


You will learn: 

  • What makes innovative organisations thrive 
  • Latest trends in innovative practices and processes
  • The building blocks of a transformative culture which encourages innovation
  • Models that inform a strategic approach to innovation
  • The tactics in implementation that turn strategic direction into real growth.
This event is ideal for NFP:
  • Organisational leaders such as CEOs, Managing Directors and Founders
  • Board Directors and Members
  • Heads of Departments such as Head of Fundraising, Head of Marketing, Head of HR, Head of Revenue and so on.

If you are ready to take a fresh look at how to grow revenue, register to attend this exclusive masterclass today.


Register for this FREE event today! Spaces are limited.


More about Gavin Coopey, Director of More Strategic


Gavin is an experienced senior consultant and social researcher who has worked with CEO’s and Boards across a broad range of not-for-profit organisations. His areas of expertise within strategic leadership include innovation, brand, marketing, communications and fundraising. 


With a career spanning over 25 years in the UK and Australian markets; Gavin’s last charity role in the UK before moving back to Australia was as Development Director at Cancer Research UK - Britain’s leading charity. There he was responsible for Innovation and Brand management as well as leading their e-marketing and corporate partnerships programs. A key objective, was to lead the program to foster a ‘Culture of Innovation’ amongst the 1,500 employees in Fundraising & Marketing.


Gavin’s particular area of personal passion is understanding what prompts people to take social actions; unearthing the relevant consumer insights and constructing communications campaigns which maximize the potential of those insights to prompt positive behaviour change.


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