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From Busy to Strategic: Climbing the Ladder of Strategic Leadership with Daniel Murray

From Busy to Strategic: Climbing the Ladder of Strategic Leadership with Daniel Murray


Tuesday, 20 November 2018

08:30 AM - 09:30 AM

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Have you ever noticed that when you ask someone in your company “how are you?” they are more likely to answer “busy” than “very well, thank you”? That is because the norm in most companies is that you are supposed to be very busy – or otherwise at least pretend to be – because otherwise you can’t be all that important. 


Busyness is a chronic epidemic. 'Busy' seems to have meanings that range from either a state of negative stress to a proud badge of honour. Many see being busy as just part of life these days. From staff management to endless meetings, corporate reporting to social media, hitting ambitious targets and balancing shrinking budgets. Being a leader is just busy work, right? Wrong.


Presented by Daniel Murray from Empathic Consulting, this complimentary breakfast talk will take you through the 5 stages leaders need to step through to get out of the ‘Busy’ and become the ‘Strategic Leaders’ we need. 


Key take-aways from this session:

  • Better understanding your level of Strategic leadership 
  • Why we all find ourselves as Busy Leaders
  • The steps to become a true strategic leader.


Now more than ever, organisations need strategic leaders, capable of understanding the broad and complex environments within and outside their companies. We need leaders who inspire us, challenge us, define and foster the agile organisational culture needed to manage the challenges of today. But too many leaders are just far too busy doing to ever be able to strategic. The challenge is not just acknowledging the busyness, it is understanding the steps needed to become strategic.


Strategy, by definition, is about making complex decisions under uncertainty, with substantive, long-term consequences. Therefore, it requires substantial periods of careful, undisturbed reflection and consideration. Leadership is not just about doing things, it is also about thinking and we need to learn to make time for it.


This session is ideal for:

  • Organisational leaders
  • Candidates
  • Managers

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