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“Not another meeting!” Discover the secret ingredients to making your meetings matter

“Not another meeting!” Discover the secret ingredients to making your meetings matter


Thursday, 26 July 2018

08:30 AM - 09:30 AM

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It comes as no real surprise to learn that most of us will spend at least 50% of our professional careers in meetings.


A recent Harvard Business Review study revealed that CEOs spend 72% of their work time in meetings. This is how our leaders ‘get things done’, it’s why setting meetings has become ingrained in workplace culture.


For organisations globally, it seems that ‘meetings’ have become the lifeline for finding solutions to most business issues. 


Scheduling a meeting to discuss a problem feels like you’re making progress. However, all too often meetings only create more problems.


Despite organisations devoting an enormous amount of time to meetings, not enough focus is directed to their effectiveness.


Most workplaces seem to let Executives run their meetings their own way with little training, thought or feedback as to whether they are being run consistently and effectively. And in the majority of cases, the meeting simply becomes a frustrating experience for its attendees with huge impacts on productivity which then lends to increased hours (to actually do your work).


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Did you know that the negative impacts of meetings can also result in poor employee engagement, increased stress and reduced retention? Who wants to go to those meetings!


The truth, buried underneath the bad reputations that workplace meetings have earnt, is that the productivity uplift that can be achieved through running effective meetings is substantial. 


Presented by Brian Bissaker - former CEO of Colonial First State and Virgin Money, and currently on the boards of MetLife Insurance, Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College and Year 13, this session will focus on the elements of sound meeting methodologies including the following:


  • Role of the chair 
  • Invitees 
  • Preparation and pre-meeting 
  • Agenda and timings 
  • Being present, engaging and engaged 
  • The curse of the device 
  • Decisions, conclusions and follow-up 
  • “Highlight of the week” 


Meetings are the fora for interactions and done well, are a place where business really happens


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More about Brian Bissaker


Brian has enjoyed a successful executive career spanning 3 decades which  culminated in holding the position of CEO with three large organisations,  Colonial First State, Virgin Money and the KinCare Group.


 Prior to his time as a CEO Brian spent most of his career in senior positions   in the product, design, strategy and consulting disciplines in the financial   services industry.


His current portfolio career includes positions as a non-executive director, Adjunct Professor at the University of Sydney Business School, as business owner and a consultant.


He is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.