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Professional Development Workshops

Our Full Potential Program - Professional Development for Leaders and Teams 

We believe in Placing People First and educating them throughout the entire employment lifecycle.  

Employment plays a fundamental role in our existence and the majority of us spend one-third of our lives in the workplace. With a business being a group of individuals striving towards the same common goal, it makes sense that for an organisation to perform at its peak, the people within it must do so too. 

We’ve teamed up with resilient expert Heidi Dening providing a selection of carefully crafted professional development modules to help you get the very best from your people. Every single team, like humans, is unique and requires its own remedy, which is why our modules can be hand-selected and blended together to perfectly suit your organisation.

Download our Full Potential Scorecard to discover the professional development needs of your team and access our brochure (on the right) to learn more about the topics and how we can enable your people to reach their full potential. 

We look forward to working together!

Strengths Profiling for Individuals and Teams

By knowing more about your strengths, you can understand what really motivates you. Use these insights to shape your personal and career success by doing more of what gives you energy and puts you into a productive flow. 

This coaching is useful for anyone wanting to learn more about themselves and improve performance in all areas of life including: 

  • Individuals seeking work 

  • Individuals looking to transition roles internally 

  • Leaders looking to learn more about the strengths and gaps in their team 

  • Anyone wanting to develop themselves both personally and professionally. 

Listen to one of our Strengths Coaches hereand read our articles with more information on this tool, Celebrating Our Uniqueness - Why Leaning Into Our Personal Strengths Is More Important Than Everand Leveraging Your Strengths To Light You Up.

For further information contact coaching@beaumontpeople.com.au 

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