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Meet the Team: Rachel Strong

Meet the Team: Rachel Strong

Rachel Strong

3 months ago by Rachel Strong

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Get to know our team a little bit better

Whether you are a job seeker, employer or interested in working at Beaumont People, this series will give you some insight into members of our team - what they recruit, why recruitment and other much needed to know facts!

Name: Rachel Strong

Position: Recruitment Consultant

Specialisation: Education

Food that makes you weak at the knees: Hot Chips

Coffee Order: Large oat flat white

Pet’s Name: Mr Bailey

Why did you become a recruiter?

Like most recruiters, I fell into the position. I came into Beaumont People as a general registration with (my now colleague) Diana, not really knowing exactly what I wanted to do as my next career step. I knew I loved working with people and wanted a position that provided me with job satisfaction. After an in-depth conversation around what I would like to do, she mentioned Beaumont was hiring internally for an entry-level recruitment position and after meeting a few of the team members, I was sold! Something I hold very highly in any role is great workplace culture and I could see from the very beginning, Beaumont has created an amazing environment for their employees.

What makes you want to stay in Recruitment?

I originally became a recruiter as it was something I wanted to try and probably wouldn’t have attempted without the right support. I’ve been in recruitment for over a year now and have found a love for the fast-past work and helping people along their career journey. Even if I am not placing a candidate immediately in a role, I really enjoy building new relationships, having a conversation around the current job market and offering to help in any way I can.

You have been with Beaumont People since 2020, what made you want to join our team?

A friend of mine recommend I reach out to Beaumont, as they helped her find her job (which she loves), when I was looking at the website, I came across a video which debut Jo Brown and thought it looked like an amazing company to work for! My first interactions with all the staff members were excellent, it left a lasting impression on me and I knew I wanted to be involved with what this company was doing.

You specialise in Education; can you give a brief summary of the type of roles you recruit?

We work with a variety of education providers such as school, colleges and university across a variety of role from temporary to permanent and contracts. Typically, the roles that we recruit are in admissions & student services, administration, marketing & events, Finance, personal & executive assistants, human resources & recruitment and C Suite level.

What is your favourite #BeaumontPerk and why?

My favourite #BeaumontPerk is our flexible working; I am able to work from home 3 days a week where I sometimes get more work done or I can come into the office to work alongside my amazing co-workers if I’m needing a little motivation.

What makes work #meaningful to you?

Meaningful work to me is having a strong sense of job satisfaction. I feel my job genuinely makes a difference to other people, I am helping companies find their ideal candidate and candidates find their ideal jobs. I feel my personal values and skills are being utilised in my current role as a part of a company that contributes to the bigger picture.


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