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Meet the Team: Nicole Glasgow

Meet the Team: Nicole Glasgow

Nicole Glasgow

3 months ago by Nicole Glasgow

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Get to know our team a little bit better

Whether you are a job seeker, employer or interested in working at Beaumont People, this series will give you some insight into members of our team - what they recruit, why recruitment and other much needed to know facts!

Name: Nicole Glasgow

Position: Program Coordinator and Career Coach

Specialisation: LEAD Mentoring Program, Strengths Profiling, Career Coaching

Food that makes you weak at the knees: Rhonda’s Hummus and Mangoes

Coffee Order: I am a Tea lover

Pet’s Name: Benji (say hello to Benji!)

Why did you become a recruiter?

I originally joined Beaumont People as a recruiter because I enjoy sales, collaborating with clients and supporting candidates on their employment journey and all of the rewards and satisfaction that goes with this.

What makes you want to stay in Recruitment?

I am using the skills I developed as a recruiter across a variety of sectors and specialisation with career coaching and helping leaders to grow and develop on the LEAD mentoring program.

You have been with Beaumont People for 13 years what made you want to join our team?

The people-first ethos, the learning and development opportunities, the positive energy and smiling faces I experienced when first stepping into the office, Nikki Beaumont’s enthusiasm and energy, the opportunity to utilise my sales skills with a more positive and people-focused approach.

What is your favourite #BeaumontPerk and why?

There are so many it’s hard to select a favourite. I think probably the Hamilton Island incentive/Perk is the top one.

What makes work #meaningful to you?

The opportunity to connect with and support people on a daily basis, the opportunity to be innovative and creative in my role, a friendly, supportive, collaborative and genuine team and working for an organisation that has a strong ethos and mission that they deliver on consistently.

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