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The secret ingredient to start the year ahead of the pack

The secret ingredient to start the year ahead of the pack

Rebecca Rynehart

6 months ago by Rebecca Rynehart

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This time of the year is a busy one for coaches as people come back to work having spent their holidays reflecting on the past events and setting new plans and priorities for the year ahead. Rebecca Rynehart, General Manager for our Consulting division explores why coaching is now a vital everyday tool for leaders, teams, and individuals alike.

Coaching is one of the fastest-growing industries globally and this is only set to continue as it moves into the mainstream. Why? Because it works. How? Read on…

Many people choose to have a coach simply for the accountability factor. They enjoy having someone to report back to on their progress and help motivate them to continue moving forward. This in itself is a great reason to work with a coach however, there are many other benefits from coaching that help you to bring out your best self. For example:

  • A coach will listen and reflect on your words so that you can hear and sense check yourself. This uncovers any blind spots that may be hindering you, raising your awareness of yourself and that which others may have of you. As Eric Schmidt the former Google CEO said “the one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them” and thus in this clip he advocates the use of a coach who will assist with this.

  • With this newfound information about yourself, you can gain a new level of self-leadership, setting expectations on yourself that are realistic and aligned to your truth and wellbeing.  (For more about self-leadership listen to one of our Full Potential Friday episodes here.)

  • A coach will enquire, prompt, and collaborate with you to navigate every step of your journey. They provide empathy and solution-focused questioning to help you break down challenges, think differently, and change unhelpful behaviours.

  • We can be our harshest critics at times, and this can stunt our motivation and progress. A coach will pause to celebrate the ‘joyful wins’ however small. This is often something we wouldn’t do on our own and yet it is so important for our motivation and self-belief.

  • Finally, a coach will help you identify your strengths, uncover those which are hidden and develop a strategy that works with and not against them. A strengths-based coaching approach will not only move you forward quickly increasing your productivity, but it will do so in an enjoyable way that enables you to learn faster, feel more confident and with boosted energy. At Beaumont People, we work with the renowned Strengths Profile on both an individual and team level to help build performance, this article neatly explains why working with our strengths is so powerful. You can learn more about coaching for individuals here and for teams here.

The Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring

The primary difference is that a mentor is considered to have more knowledge or expertise than the mentee whereas the coaching relationship is one of equality. A coach uses an array of tools and techniques to elicit the information that you hold within you and collaborates to help you make decisions, plan and take action whilst mentoring offers a slightly different dynamic. At Beaumont People, our LEAD mentoring program provides people with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of mentoring across a sustained period of a few months. Learn more about LEAD and mentoring in general here.

Meaningful Work

The increased adoption of coaching is reflective of the changing approach to our careers as we seek to gain more meaning from our working lives.

At Beaumont People, we have looked in detail at this concept of Meaningful Work with our research revealing that 96% of Australians have rated factors other than money as ‘most important’ to achieving meaningfulness and happiness at work.

What’s more, with 71% of Australians believing that meaningful work is more important today, compared to five years ago it’s very normal to feel a little flat or contemplative at times as you find yourself considering what is meaningful and important to you. A coach can help you to rekindle your mojo and uncover the meaning, shining a light on where your work aligns with your values, purpose, and passion. This may be to establish exciting new work goals and projects for the year, identify the next move in your career, or take a completely new direction. Either way, a coach will walk alongside you as you navigate the journey feeling focused, productive, and confident.

Here to Stay

In the past having a coach was deemed by some as a sign of weakness, it then became perceived as a badge of honour for the privileged however it is now considered to be the norm, a sign of taking responsibility for yourself and your personal growth. Similar to having a personal trainer or fitness instructor coaching is certainly here to stay as an accessible and pivotal part of our toolkit to help us navigate our path through work and life!

The Beaumont People Consulting Division offers an array of career coaching and professional development services to help individuals, leaders and teams reach their potential. These range from Strengths and Career Coaching to Team Workshops and Culture Charters.

For more information contact coaching@beaumontpeople.com.au and visit our dedicated page here.