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More Top Tips to Prepare for an Interview

More Top Tips to Prepare for an Interview

Lauren Markovski

over 1 year ago by Lauren Markovski

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Interviews can be daunting, especially if you are not prepared! So here are some more tips to get you feeling as confident as ever in the lead up to your next interview.

1. Consider what questions may be asked and prepare some answers. Many interviewers will use behavioural interviewing techniques so prepare to discuss some real-life examples of what you have achieved in your previous roles.

2. Note the key skills and abilities the company is looking for. Think about what experience and qualities you have that you can demonstrate at interview.

3. Research the company by reading through their website.

4. If you are using a recruitment agency, ask your consultant about the company, what previous experience have they had with that company and what can you expect in the interview.

5. Finally, be confident, be yourself and don’t forget to smile!