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4 Mistakes Your Social Media Profiles May Be Committing With Job Seekers

4 Mistakes Your Social Media Profiles May Be Committing With Job Seekers

over 1 year ago by Lauren Markovski

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With more hiring managers realising the importance of, and need for, a strong employer brand, more companies are turning to social media to achieve just that. But, there are some common mistakes that employers make.


1. Posts are few and far between

Social media activity (or a lack thereof) can say a lot about a company. And a social media account that’s as barren as the desert doesn’t say anything good to job seekers. For all they know, the company is either so young that it’s yet to establish a social presence or, worse, the company is simply too busy to have a good time and share it online.


2. Posts are irrelevant

Aside from the occasional funny video or image here and there, social posts also need to tie back to the company, its culture and its industry. For example, when brainstorming what to share on our socials, I make sure we have a mixture of posts showcasing our culture and expertise.


3. Bad reviews from past employees

While these reviews are often out of a company’s control, how those reviews are handled is not.


4. Engagement is low

Social media is all about connecting with your network. So make sure you take the time to engage with your followers, partners and peers in the industry. This shows candidates that you care about your community.