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320 Australian Charities Benefit from $20M Boost to Programs

320 Australian Charities Benefit from $20M Boost to Programs

Sarah Ferraina

over 2 years ago by Sarah Ferraina

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320 Australian Charities Benefit from $20M Boost to Programs


As compliance requirements increase alongside greater demand for NFPs to manage their activities with a more prudent, ‘business-like’ eye on spending, finding the right people to execute their core mission at the right price proves a constant challenge for Australia’s not for profit sector.


In the last 10 years, employment in the NFP sector has grown at an unparallel rate of 17% from the Board level down, in comparison to the for-profit sector at less than 5%.


Recruiting in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, whilst ensuring there is no reduction in the quality of candidate and no unnecessary funds diverted from their programs, is a huge challenge and one we wanted to address. 


So, we set out on a path to trim these rising costs without sacrificing the quality of staff or the delivery of their programs, by giving registered charities access to our full recruitment services and our database of the highest quality candidates for a significantly lower cost than the commercial recruitment fees paid by the for-profit, business sector.


“Just as the NFP sector needs to think creatively, so too does the business community.  There are many ways to support the NFP sector that doesn’t have to mean financial donations. This is one way we make our corporate contribution to the NFP sector and has delivered $20M in savings back to the sector - a significant contribution.  I’d encourage all Australian businesses to look at ways they can assist this sector,” explains Nina Mapson Bone, Managing Director of Beaumont People.


There are significant cultural and commercial benefits organisations can enjoy as well. Research by OC Tanner Institute Global Culture Report and reports in Great Places to Work (USA), show corporations contributing to the NFP sector reveal significant benefits for the business itself that go beyond ‘feeling good’.  These include:

  • Organisations that actively ‘give back’ outperform their peers in stock price by 12X

  • Customers are increasing more socially conscious with 85 percent more likely to buy a product that is associated with a charity

  • Employees are 3x more likely to look forward to work when they feel they are contributing to a cause.


As ambassadors ourselves of workplace culture, continual learning and employee experience, our support of charity partners goes beyond just helping them recruit the best talent available. We also connect them with complimentary training and development and networking opportunities so their investment in their team and its ongoing development is more accessible.