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The Value of Employee Experience in Australian Workplaces

The Value of Employee Experience in Australian Workplaces

Sarah Ferraina

over 2 years ago by Sarah Ferraina

Ignite Global Report

Ignite Global 2018 Employee Experience Report
The Value of Employee Experience in Australian Workplaces

Employee Experience (EX) is one of the hottest topics in HR circles at the moment, for a few reasons:

- On the back of successfully mapping and enhancing the customer experience, many companies are looking at mapping the employee experience in a similar way.

- Australian Employee Engagement figures have been trending down after being stuck for over a decade   at an already abysmally low percentage.

- The skills shortage is putting increased emphasis on employee retention.

In March of this year Maxxia sponsored Ignite Global to research EX from an Australian perspective and what we found was fascinating - and somewhat surprising.

Over 600 responses were collected to the online survey which ran from March-May and combined that with a number of insights interviews from companies who have begun to look at their employee experience in earnest. These included; KPMG, Uber, Australian Unity, Origin Energy, Sunsuper, LinkedIn and more.

The result is a comprehensive report on what Australian companies are doing to enhance their EX, along with the challenges they are experiencing.

Filled with statistics, mini-case studies and numerous quotes, the report reveals that enhancing your EX results in a better client experience (CX) - which, of course, translates into a better bottom line. 

But we also found that a better EX gives you and your organisation a competitive edge in the ‘war for talent’ - “at no extra cost”, according to the Chief Employee Experience Officer at MYOB.

Download your copy of the 2018 Employee Experience Report here.