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Benefits of lunchtime exercise – give your brain the break it deserves!

Benefits of lunchtime exercise – give your brain the break it deserves!

over 3 years ago by Mariana Pierotti

Benefits Of A Lunch Time Break

Benefits of lunchtime exercise – give your brain the break it deserves!


At Beaumont People, we consider ourselves to be high achievers and hard workers. One of the main reasons I feel this is possible is the flexibility around our working day and specifically the fact that I can still have a bit of me time during working hours.

I have always been sporty, having played netball since a very young age so I considered myself to be fit & healthy. However, it wasn’t until I joined Beaumont that I realised what a positive impact the company you work for can play towards your mental & physical health.

I have found that a lunchtime gym/exercise break has worked wonders on my self-esteem as well as improving my own work efficiency during the day by allowing me to switch off for 60 minutes, coming back refreshed and ready to tackle the afternoon.

From personal experience, I consider there to be 4 main reasons to get yourself out the office to do some form of exercise:

1. Get a brain break

We all work far too hard to achieve the results we do and sometimes you need to switch off. There is nothing that is going to happen in your 60-minute break that is going to change the world or save a life (unless you’re a cardiac doctor) so let yourself tune out.

2. Timing is everything

We are all busy people. Families, social life or sitting on the sofa when you get home all take up our time. Getting yourself out the office at lunchtime is YOU time. You are allowed to spend time on yourself getting fitter and healthier. Using your lunch break lets you still enjoy your plans after work and also gives you that extra time in bed in the morning so what’s not to love?

3. Your mood will improve and in turn, your productivity will soar 

Fresh air/non-office air is good for the soul. Your mood will improve so without realising you will be ready to tackle the afternoon with a new lease of life. You will create better relationships both internally and externally and this will help you in the long run!

4. Build your own strength to support your team

With all the information and pressure in the media, it’s hard to know where to start but the best choice you can make is one where you put yourself first. If you take everything else away, your health is all you have. Take care of yourself and you will easily be able to take care of others.


Just a small change is all you need, I would suggest going out for a walk – we live in a beautiful city after all! Get that break you’ve worked so hard to deserve, trust me, it’ll do you wonders.

I can’t speak highly enough of how getting your butt out of your desk chair/office kitchen can have a positive impact on your work life and personal life.

If you are looking for a new role that gives you the flexibility you need then please get in touch and we will find you what you deserve. Please contact Mariana@beaumontpeople.com.au or 02 9093 4925