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Sarah Ferraina

over 4 years ago by Sarah Ferraina

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Last year Beaumont launched a complimentary mentorship program for charity leaders.  In line with our not for profit model, we are committed to reinvesting any profits we do make back into our clients and the charity sector.  In the past, we had provided corporate sponsorship, volunteers and hosted industry events.  In addition to these initiatives, LEAD NFP (Lead, Empower, Aspire and Develop) was designed to allow us to tangibly invest in and support the sector, in the best way we know how – the development of people. The purpose of this program is to invest in aspiring leaders across the charity sector. It was established to enable charity leaders to enhance and build leadership awareness, capability and to help foster relationships across the charity sector. 


A professional mentorship program would normally cost in excess of $8,000 per participant.  Last year we offered 14 selected mentors and mentees the opportunity to complete this program at no financial cost (we had that part covered). This program is the first of its kind, offered by Beaumont, in line with our mission to place people first and to facilitate the next generation of talent within the charity sector.  Mentees from charities including St John Ambulance, Frontier Services, Benevolent Society, Cancer Council NSW, and Heart Research Australia were paired with mentors including the CEO of Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Camp Quality and Variety NSW to name a few. When surveyed following the program all agreed they had grown and developed through their participation in the program and would love to be involved in the future.


When launching last year we did not anticipate the level of interest we would receive and while we wanted to do more we simply could not afford the sponsorship of more than 1 class.  So this year, we decided to find a way to expand the program.  Following discussions with many of last year’s program participants, we have made the decision to run the program again on a bigger scale with the aim of being able to offer 36 mentee and 36 mentor participants the opportunity to be involved.  In order to increase the scale of the program, we will be asking mentee participants to contribute a portion of the administration cost of the program ($499 for the year) so that we are able to include more participants and hopefully make more of a difference in developing and building on leadership skills in this important sector.


LEAD NFP is run in conjunction with Leading Well Group, a leadership consulting and coaching firm who also specialize in systemic mentoring programs for enterprise and industry. It is designed to provide charity leaders with an opportunity to learn from peers within the industry to develop leadership, communication and decision making, amongst other business skills.  This 12 month program is all about guiding and growing leadership skills, either as a mentor or as someone being mentored – the ‘mentee’. It’s a mix of formal training, practical mentoring sessions and getting together with other members of the program to share experiences and learn from each other.


Find out more about our LEAD NFP Mentoring Program.