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Beaumont People LEAD Mentoring Program

Beaumont People LEAD Mentoring Program

Applications have closed for 2021

Lead, Empower, Aspire and Develop

We have supported over 350 professionals in their development as a leader in the past 3 years, with a hybrid mix of online training and development plus access to mentee and mentor resources and today’s biggest business influencers through our exclusive networking events.

LEAD was created to invest in leaders to enable them to enhance and build leadership awareness and capabilities, and to help foster relationships across the sector in which they operate. This program is all about guiding and growing your existing leadership skills, either as a mentor or as someone being mentored – the ‘mentee’.

The LEAD 2021 program is set to be bigger than ever with the addition of a Strengths Profile Assessment including a debrief and coaching session for all mentees to help shape personal, leadership and career success; as well as tailored group workshops that delve deep into current leadership challenges and opportunities. We are so excited to once again, be delivering this program to you via the Art of Mentoring platform.

As our program, events, interactive workshops and networking are all delivered virtually, the LEAD Mentoring program is available to leaders and organisations across Australia.

When you join the LEAD Mentoring Program you will receive:

  • A mentee-mentoring pairing based specifically on your needs and requirements

  • A Strengths Profile Assessment and one-on-one debrief session for all mentees, valued at over $600

  • Access to over 100 resources designed to help you get the best out of your mentoring relationship

  • Exclusive live and on-demand LEAD participant-only webinars on topics such as Goal Setting, Growth Mindset, Leadership and more

  • Workshops tailored to the needs of LEAD participants

  • Exclusive networking events to enable the sharing of ideas, work through common issues and connect with peers from a wide range of industry sectors

  • Support by our dedicated LEAD Program Coordinator, Nicole Glasgow, available to assist you in your journey throughout our program.

Benefits for you as a Mentee

  • Receiving feedback, developmental guidance and support in your leadership role and sector

  • Identifying professional growth and career planning

  • Exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking

  • Advice on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses  

  • The opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge

  • Hear from one of our Mentees who participated in our 2020 LEAD Mentoring Program by clicking on the image.

Benefits for you as a Mentor

  • Help shape the leaders of tomorrow and in return pick up some skills that are beneficial to you e.g. fresh perspectives, ideas and approaches   

  • Gain the intrinsic reward of helping others and the satisfaction in having made a positive influence on another’s life     

  • Opportunity to contribute back to the sector/s you have worked in

  • Enhance your leadership and soft skills, reinforce valuable leadership lessons and refine your own thinking

  • Increase your personal networks, increase your profile and that of your organisation

  • Stay abreast of emerging issues relevant to the sector/s you have worked in

  • Hear from one of our Mentors who participated in our 2020 LEAD Mentoring Program by clicking on the image.

If you would like to watch some more testimonials from LEAD 2020 participants, visit our playlist here.

Who is LEAD best suited to?

To be considered as a Mentee, it is understood that you are:

  • Currently in a leadership role, with direct reports

  • Able to commit to the full 10-month program.

To be considered as a Mentor, it is understood that you have:

A minimum of 5 years in a leadership role and a minimum of 2 direct reports; as well as significant leadership experience in areas such as:

  • Coaching and developing people

  • Understanding financial statements and reports

  • Negotiating, influencing and resolving conflicts

  • Working effectively and collaboratively with a Board

  • Planning, organising and risk management

  • Working towards developmental goals

  • The capacity to commit to the full 10-month program.

If leadership is new for you and you are just starting to take on some leadership responsibility as part of your existing role, this may not be the program for you. If so, please contact us as we may be able to assist your development in other ways through our Learning and Development programs.

If you’re ready to enhance your leadership capabilities, LEAD can help you on your way

If you apply to be a mentor as well as a mentee, you will incur the mentee fee.

Do you have a Leadership Team in need of mentoring?

We now offer Leadership Team Mentoring Packages to suit teams of 5 mentees and more.


For teams of under 5 people wishing to participate as a mentee on the LEAD Mentoring Program the individual application fee of $595 + GST applies.

*We offer the reduced charity rate to Public Benevolent Institutions, Health Promotion Charities, Environmental Charities and International Aid.

When does LEAD run?

The program will run from February 2021 until November 2021. Important dates to note:

  • Applications open from 9th November 2020 – 23rd December 2020

  • Mentors and Mentees will be matched and introduced by 18th February 2021

  • Kick-off event 25th February 2021

  • It is a requirement that all participants commit fully to the entire 10-month program.  

For more information, download the LEAD Information Pack here.