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Candidate Testimonials

  • ​"I was only with Beaumont for one day and they instantly found me a great job. The whole experience was very smooth and the staff are professional and friendly."

  • ​"Beaumont seems to have a great relationship with their hiring partners. As a candidate, the process has been smooth and simple."

  • ​"Process was quick and straight forward. Was kept up to date on my application and was advised of everything I needed to know."

  • "​Aside from the fact that I absolutely adore Nikki, Deb and Lauren have been absolutely fantastic, and a pleasure to deal with."

  • ​"The team was incredibly helpful, patient and very easy to talk to. They also went out of their way to make me feel valued and encouraged. It was a very good experience."

  • ​"I like Nina's knowledge and skills in the field. It's always pleasant to attend her webinar and pick up useful tips."

  • ​"I had a great experience with Kristina. Really helpful, explained the process in detail. Kristina was really great to deal with."

  • ​"My interview with Summer was very professional and efficient. She was great to deal with and I would definitely recommend her to others."

  • "​Appreciated that Victoria took the time to get to know my wants and needs within a new career, and how they aligned with the position I applied for, whilst being approachable, professional and engaging."

  • "Liska prepared me for an interview a couple of months ago and I walked out thinking: now I understand what everyone means when they say coaching is effective. So when I had a recent interview coming up I was struggling with, I knew to contact Liska. She has an excellent ability to tease out my experience and qualifications to match the job requirements; in a way, I couldn’t articulate myself for the upcoming interview I was struggling to prepare for. She is insightful, attentive and honest which are qualities I find essential in coach. I had a great experience with Liska and hope to have future opportunities to be coached by her!"

    Trish Connolly , Manager and Consultant
    An Organisation
  • "Liska is a highly skilled and experienced executive career coach. Liska is engaged and spent time understanding my career history, what motivates me and helping me identify my career goals. Her approach was tailored to my current needs and it was clear I was receiving personalised advice and guidance, drawing on Liska’s extensive sector knowledge and insights. Working with Liska was extremely rewarding. She was supportive and encouraging, pushing me out of my comfort zone and starting me on the journey to secure my dream role. I would highly recommend Liska, she is professional, authentic, generous and acts with integrity."

    Liz Knight , General Manager
    An Organisation
  • “I have had the great pleasure of being both a candidate and customer with Beaumont People over the past 15 years and have found them in both cases to be professional, committed and enthusiastic. As a candidate they are one of the rare recruitment agencies who consistently treat each person with dignity and respect and proactively participate in the job search process. Their consultants are warm, professional and genuinely interested in your future. When recruiting for your company they are concerned about finding the best candidate that matches not only the job requirements but is also a good fit with your corporate culture. All my interactions with Beaumont People and their excellent staff have had positive outcomes and have , without fail, been enjoyable experiences.”

    Fiona Ellis , General Manager Sales, Marketing and Service
    St John Ambulance (NSW)
  • "Claire is a recruitment superstar! She has a knack for placing people into a role that fits both the needs of the candidate and the needs of the company (Education Industry) whilst being efficient and effective. Claire always delivered fantastic temporary staff members for my team who were reliable, flexible, had a can do attitude with great communication & problem solving skills - which was perfect for student support & customer success! I have been fortunate enough to be both a client and a candidate of Claire’s. Claire goes above and beyond and has a sincere passion for helping people with their careers & recruitment needs. Thank you, Claire!"

    Shannen Bradford
  • "Liska spent a lot of time getting to know and understand me as a person, not just my experience and skill set. This in turn help me through the various stages of the interview process, knowing and trusting that she was representing me in a truly honest and credible way.

    Very happy with the way Liska managed things. She is very honest and clear about the process. I think you need that when working with a recruitment company

    Thank you Beaumont People. Not only did you help me secure a very suitable new role but you helped me through the process with good advice and empathetic guidance. I look forward to being able to recommend you to others in the future."

  • "I believe Beaumont People are very professional in their conduct and at the same time spend valuable time with individuals to get a very good understanding of what both sides of the people in the recruitment process require (the employer and the potential employee) to ahcieve the best outcome for both. Justine definitely makes you feel like a human being and not just a number and that she genuinely has your best interests at heart."

  • "Grace followed up quickly and immediately got the ball rolling. She introduced me to other staff members that I may be working under and got me a job the next day. I love this new job that I'm working at and will be extending my contract with them.


    During the interview, Grace repeated her understanding of what I was looking for to make certain she knew what roles would be best for me. She was an excellent listener. Afterwards, she found a job perfect for me. I wasn't just put on a list and completely forgotten about. Your competitors tend to interview, maybe follow up, and then I never hear from them again. I was extremely impressed in the customer service of Beaumont People and will be returning for more jobs once my contract has ended with the company I currently work for.


    I was extremely impressed with the interview process, the follow ups, and the immediate the day after the interview. Beaumont People didn't just throw me into a role, they picked a role that fit me and I absolutely love the organisation I work for now."

  • "I had the pleasure to meet with the lovely Grace. After the interview I felt she well understood what kind of jobs I was after. I was particularly impressed by her follow up, between and after assignments, as she kept regularly in touch taking note of further details I gave her and always making sure the positions she offered were in line with my interest and values. Thank you very much Grace! I really enjoy working with you!"

  • "Erin was extremely friendly, helpful, and professional, what impressed me the most though is she seemed to have a genuine interest in her clients and their successes. She checked up constantly how everything was, including how I was feeling about my new role and made sure I was the ideal candidate to fulfil the required role for the business. Erin went out of her way to make everything extremely clear and made sure everything. The main thing that I feel is important for this kind of work is the genuine interest in the success of others - keep it up :)"

  • "During my time in search of employment, I applied for a job advertisement through Beaumont People. I was contacted by Nicole in regards to that advertisement, Nicole was extremely helpful from the beginning during the interview process. Nicole provided me with extremely useful interview information and guided me through all of the stages.

    I would like to thank Nicole for making me feel comfortable, calm and strong during my search for employment. I am very pleased how professional and kind Nicole was during this time, I would absolutely recommend Nicole to other candidates who are in search of employment."

  • "The Beaumont People customer service is second to none. The team have kept in regular contact with me regarding potential positions and checking on my availability. I highly recommend this top notch recruitment agency to any job seekers."

  • "After hitting a three year saturation point with my current employer I found myself venturing down a route different to my original plan. I met with Beaumont People and they were so understanding of my situation, they profiled me and really got me to articulate what it was I was looking for in my next employment. Post interview Beaumont People were so efficient it lining me up with prospective interviews, sharing information, helping with negotiations and really allowing me to be in the driving seat. The whole process was extremely efficient and in comparison to other recruitment agencies, Beaumont People were nothing but professional. I have already recommended fellow contacts to Beaumont People's services and will continue to do so moving forward."

  • "I saw the recent praise showered upon you through LinkedIn … congrats.  I must reiterate that praise, its been an absolute pleasure dealing with you, though short and sweet! Thank you so much for your help during my search for a job.  I believe Beaumont People are the finest and most professional agency I’ve dealt with in a very long time.  The backup, responsiveness and care you show your candidates is exceptional and I have appreciated the help.  Thanks particularly go to you Amy."

  • "I have to say that Beaumont People has defied every stereotype I previously had of recruitment agencies. I initially thought it was a grey office with lots of people who want to profit off of people's career aspirations. I even admit that I was incredibly sceptical of recruitment agencies prior to visiting Beaumont People!

    However, you and your team were incredibly friendly, personable and caring. You were honest and professional in the way you gave your opinions on where I am in the industry with my qualifications and skillsets. You also listened to what I had to say and what my opinions were, regarding my preferences and career dreams. In particular, I appreciate that you and everyone else at Beaumont put people before profits, and as a candidate, I am incredibly relieved to know that I am more than just your bonuses.

    As I previously said, calling you and Beaumont People has been the best thing I have ever done in my job-hunting process, and I feel a lot more confident knowing that I am in good hands. Regardless of whether I personally find jobs with Beaumont People or not, I would definitely recommend Beaumont People to anyone who is currently seeking employment. Whether they are after a temp, part or fulltime job, the HR experts at Beaumont will be there to listen, advise and guide you through your journey. Thank you again."

  • 'It is with great pleasure that I write to you and congratulate Melissa Ali, whom I was fortunate to have worked with recently.

    From Melissa 's initial phone call, formal interview (where she came in early to work within my schedule) and follow up throughout the recruitment process, she was at all times, professional, confident, articulate and conscientious. It is always a daunting task looking for a new role and Melissa made the process easier to navigate. 

    Whilst I was not successful for the role I applied for (although I was short listed ), Melissa was thorough in her follow up and empathetic when she delivered constructive feedback. Whilst I have now found employment, I wanted to acknowledge her support.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Melissa to friends and /or family who might be looking for a new job opportunity or change in career path.'

  • 'Emily ticks all the boxes in what you want from a recruitment consultant. Ultimately, as a candidate you want to find a role, but more importantly you want to find the ‘right’ role. This should be considered the basics for a recruiter, but is so often overlooked for getting someone a placement in the first position available. I found Emily to be helpful, professional & inquisitive around my circumstances and skills. I felt she took the time to find me the most suitable role to utilise my skillset and made sure this was something I was happy with. Two months later and I’m still happy in my role, having had my contract extended. This shows that not only was this the right position for me, but also that I was the right person for my employer. Emily continues to keep in touch and will endeavour to sort any issues out as soon as she can, no matter how big or small. I genuinely have nothing but positive things to say about Emily and whenever a friend asks me about work I’m sure to pass her details on.'

  • "Beaumont People has a really good feel to it as soon as you walk through the door. The lady at reception was more than welcoming and showed me straight through to the meeting room. Nathalie, my consultant, arrived on time and her friendly personality put me at ease straight away. She really took the time to get to know my exact wants and needs. At the end of the meeting I was introduced to three other consultants who again, were very friendly. I think this provided a really personal experience in comparison to some agencies where you can be left feeling like little other than another number. I look forward to continuing to work with you!"

  • "I enjoyed meeting and speaking with you in regards to job prospects and I found you articulate, thorough and very professional. More importantly, you are personal and understand the process one goes through in looking for a job. I thank you for keeping an eye out for jobs for me and I would not hesitate to refer someone to you who is looking for a job because I know they will be well taken care of. What I appreciate is that there is an open communication channel between the client and the recruiter, which I think is very important."

  • "Christina Enotiades from Beaumont People’s Not for Profit Division is a consummate professional. As a candidate I found her really engaged in not only whether my skill set was suitable for her client but what was going to work for both my career and life outside work. Christina’s continued support and feedback after my placement demonstrated her commitment to excellence in recruitment practice. Christina’s outstanding communication and listening skills make it easy to recommend her to any organisation or candidate looking for a skilled, warm and professional recruiter to represent them."

  • "I have dealt with many agencies and confident to say and have been telling friends around that Beaumont People is one of the best agencies I have ever dealt with. Melissa is professional yet the personal touch is always present, you all maintain that friendliness and efficiency. My assignments were always well paid and were great places to work in as well, one of the best companies and organisations I ever worked with. Keep up the great work and I hope to work with you again in the future."

  • "From the first moment I had contact with the people at Beaumont Consulting they have treated me like a real person, not just a number. The people at Beaumont really make you feel welcome and genuinely want to find you employment that suits your skill set and personality. I feel like I was matched up to my current role perfectly!

    Melissa at Beaumont People has been very warm and extremely helpful.  She spoke to me on a personal level and really took the time to get to know me and what I was capable of to match me up with appropriate employment. She made me feel like I had a lot to offer and boosted my confidence, even when I doubted myself. She kept me up to date frequently and always kept me in the loop of how progress was coming along in every step of the employment process. Even after gaining employment, she still kept in touch to see how everything was going.

    I am now extremely happy in my new job. Everyone has made me feel really welcome. I feel like all the staff at Beaumont People have been extremely helpful and successful in finding the perfect job for me!"

  • 'I am writing a thank you and acknowledgement to Beaumont People and in particular to Liska Turner who managed the recruitment for the Uniting Church Secretariat last year. I was interviewed by Liska and then recruited into an Admin role with Secretariat team. Liska was memorable in her professional and friendly approach that put me at ease and enabled me to be myself. I have no doubt that Liska's approach assists in placing people into a team culture that is mutually agreeable - as happened in my case. I received follow-up calls from Liska - on my first day and also when my three month probation ended. I must say that my experience has been above and beyond any expectation that I had of a recruitment-consulting  agency. I felt valued as a client and realised that I could speak frankly with Liska should the need arise. Fortunately my placement has been a good experience and there has been no need to look further in Sydney.'

    I whole-heartedly recommend Beaumont People to my networks.'

  • 'Amy has been so helpful during my job seeking process. She took the time to sit down with me and really touch on everything I wanted to do. She made me feel like I was important and not just another person on file. She was thorough, professional and welcoming. At the end of our session I was even introduced to some of her co-workers so they could also put a personality to my resume. Upon leaving, it felt as though we had known each other forever. I have faith in Beaumont Consulting to find a job that suits me, because I believe that they understand my goals.'


  • 'When Claire Lording from Beaumont People contacted me, I was sceptical as I had never had any luck with other agencies in the past.  At the time I had already been out of work for 7 months and was registered with about 10 different agencies of which not one of them  had ever put me forward for any positions.  However when I went in for my first interview with Claire, she had me in a job within less than a week.  Claire rang me regularly to see how things were going. Then when that position was coming to an end I contacted Claire and she soon had arranged for another position for me to take on.


    I was and still am impressed with the professional, courteous and friendly manner in which Claire conducts herself in her day to day role. I would recommend not only Claire but all the staff of Beaumont People to any individual  looking for work or any company looking for an agency to help them with finding staff.'

  • "Beaumont People really listen to what you are looking for in your next role and support you throughout every aspect, from going to the interview and then checking in with you once you've started. They actually care about you. Cannot recommend them highly enough!"

  • "I could not speak more highly of Justine. The level of support Justine provided throughout my application process was outstanding, every detail and question was answered often before I had even thought to ask. Justine took the time to understand my complicated employment history and made sure I understood in detail what the role would be like. I felt extremely confident in accepting the role thanks to Justine’s support. Justine continued to check in, after I had started in my new role, to see how I was going. She went above and beyond to make sure the transition was smooth and everything was working out.

    I found Justine to be friendly, warm, considerate and highly professional during every encounter. This was by far the best experience I have had applying for a job!"

  • "Melanie has been a pleasure to deal with, she calls me once a week to see how I'm going and updates me on all the work she is doing on my behalf. This means a lot compared to some of your competitors who don't call and touch base at all."

  • "Great interview experience. Michelle was warm, encouraging and respectful of my experience and future needs. By far the most positive experience I have had with an employment consultant in many years."

  • "I felt Emily was really efficient and professional. She understood my strengths & weaknesses, which allowed her to put me forward for the right role. I've worked for other agencies in the past and often I got the impression I was just a number. The sooner they found me work (any work) the better. This wasn't the case with Beaumont People; I felt the whole process was a lot more personalised to suit me & my needs. I would highly recommend Beaumont People to friends."

  • "Flawless and friendly process. Really put me at ease. I was really impressed by how professional and friendly the staff at Beaumont People were - Erin and her team are welcoming, they listen to you, they're friendly and warm and they keep you constantly up-to-date with what is going on. Cannot recommend highly enough."

  • "Thankyou for always being in contact since I first applied through your agency. Out of all agencies who mention to actually keeping candidates resume on hand, you were the only agency to continuously to keep in touch regarding my employment status and actually sending occasional jobs suitable to my skills and experience.


    Genuinely interested in providing support on a personal and professional level during the interview to employment process. Even if employment is not successful they continue to keep in contact regarding any future opportunities. Excellent service for a recruitment agency."

  • "I have a particular interest in workplace culture. From what I've observed through my recent experience as a candidate and in the past when you've helped me fill team vacancies, Beaumont People is a standout in this area. Your people clearly love their work and feel valued, and because of this, they are a pleasure to deal with."

  • "I would highly recommend Beaumont People as their service was great and made myself very welcome , as soon as I stepped into the office and was greeted by the receptionist to sitting down with the Recruiters it was a joy to talk to both Nicole and Melissa. There have been in the past some Recruitment companies whom boast that they can get you the job you apply for, Beaumont People prove they can."

  • "I was really impressed at the level of professionalism from everyone at Beaumont People and how my application worked out from the initial interview to getting a new job. Very glad to be a part of this company and would highly recommend."

  • "Having recently relocated to Sydney and had dealings with several different agencies I am very impressed with the Beaumont service, in particular the regular updates on interview progress, further job opportunities and follow ups. I have not had this service from any other agency. It is so good to be kept up to date and in the loop."

  • "I found the the whole process of being interviewed and prepared for the job I was put forward to very easy and seamless. Things were explained to me when needed, follow up calls post agency interview and pre client interview were well executed, along with post client interview feedback. Although I was not chosen for the position put forward, I found the feedback to be helpful and constructive and respectful."

  • “Beaumont People were exceptionally helpful during the entire interview process. The staff provided helpful tips and feedback. They were open and honest and even though I was not suited for the role I applied for, they did not give up - they helped me find a position that I was passionate about and that put my skill set to use. The communication was great, and I did not need to chase them up for information, as they were always providing updates. Thank you very much!”

  • “Every consultant I have spoken with is lovely and the internal communication is great, it seems that consultants know what is going on when I call even if I am not speaking to the person I was dealing with. Beaumont People have been very proactive and the communication has been excellent in regards to job opportunities. There is a high level of internal communication and the consultants really seem to work collaboratively which I feel always benefits the candidates and clients. And everyone is so lovely and easy to deal with!”

  • “I would like to thank the Beaumont People for the great job and all the help and support. It seemed like the first time an agency actually read my resume. I am really happy with it and I would definitely recommended to others.”

  • "Returning to the full-time workforce after having my three children was a big transition for me and my family and I felt a little daunted by the prospect. Beaumont People was the first recruitment agency I contacted and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. They really listened to my preferences and I'm now contracting in a wonderful organisation that I hope to be working for longer-term. I feel very lucky indeed!"

  • "After months of frustrating job hunting, I found Beaumont People to be professional and genuine in their approach. I was not pressured into taking roles that were not suitable to my skill set, and I felt that the consultant really took the time to get to know me and my past work experience. It was a refreshing change to have a recruitment agency that were honest and transparent and processed my pay and paperwork efficiently and on time. I would highly recommend Beaumont People, as mentioned, after months of job hunting, Beaumont found me a position within a matter of days. Couldn't be happier with the service provided...Thank you Beaumont People."

  • "I would be happy to recommend the service of Beaumont People and in particular Liska Turner. The application process was smooth, professional and comfortable. Liska understood the organisation she was representing, the position and skills required which facilitated a smooth application process. Follow up to ensure that each party had a clear understanding of the next step was exceptional"

  • "I have always found the staff at Beaumont People friendly, helpful and caring. I don't feel like I am just 'another person looking for a job;. I know a few people who have used Beaumont People and the feedback has always been positive"

  • "I would like to thank Jo Cooper and the team at Beaumont People for everything they have done for me since my arrival in Sydney. From my initial interview with Jo, I felt confident that Beaumont People would find me a role which matched my experience and was in line with what I was looking for. Within days Beaumont People had placed me in my first role and continued to keep me updated with new opportunities; Jo soon found me the ideal role and I have since been offered a permanent position with the company. Jo and the team have been fantastic to work with, they are approachable, friendly and listen to what their candidates really want; I’ve had such a positive experience with Beaumont People and have no hesitation in recommending them."

  • "Within a few days of registering with Jo as a candidate, she had found me ongoing temporary work for a fantastic company. She is clearly very passionate about her clients, and knows exactly what they require from a temp. The whole process was easy and efficient, and I have recommended her to friends seeking work. Thanks Jo!"

  • "All the staff I have met and spoken to at reception at Beaumont People have been outstanding and very easy to communicate with. I have been to several recruitment agencies, however, never receive any feedback from them and find I need to do the chasing of vacant positions etc.  With Beaumont People I feel as though I am being respected from the staff and treated as a person, not just another applicant.  I am now unsubcribing from several agencies as I am very satisfied with Beaumont People. I stress my appreciation and sincere thanks to all staff, in being such a wonderful team."

  • "Your support has been beyond anyone’s expectations. Beaumont People is the only agency I didn’t have to call regularly, even though I initially rejected your ideas. This time you have hit the nail on the head and for the first time in 20 years I’m really excited about a new working adventure!"

  • "I have been throughly impressed with my experience with Beaumont People. Having never used a recruitment agency before and being in the early days of my career, I really appreciated the help that each of the staff have given me which has pushed me down the right path. Always helpful, always available and searching for something that would genuinely suit.I have recommended several friends to Beaumont People since and would definitely get in contact for future assignments."

  • "I have found Beaumont People provide a professional and friendly service.  All the consultants I met there were very welcoming, always making sure you are a best fit for positions available.  I was successful in obtaining a contract through Beaumont People and they have maintained contact making sure my experience with Beaumont People and my contract company is a happy and fulfilling one. I feel Beaumont People  is a leader in their respective industry and would be more than happy to use them again, if needed."

  • "Thanks again for all your help, it was really refreshing to work with a consultant who cared about what job would suit the candidate rather than what job they needed to fill! Thanks again for all your help, it was really refreshing to work with a consultant who cared about what job would suit the candidate rather than what job they needed to fill!"

  • "I thought the interview process was very professional and honest and I would definitely forward details of Beaumont People to other colleagues and friends who are looking for work. As I am only looking for part-time work I wasn't brushed aside like most agencies and was taken just as serious as full time workers."

  • "My experience with Beaumont People was first class, I could not have asked for anymore from the staff there, thank you."

  • "Luke has gone above and beyond any other recruiter in Sydney. He is a hard worker and an advocate for my career advancement. Highly recommend."

  • "If there ever was a firm that lives and breaths their philosophy it is Beaumont People - "Placing People First" is what they profess to do and they do it brilliantly. They are different to any other recruitment firm I have ever worked with as a client and now as a candidate. Each Consultant goes out of their way to assist no matter how far you're along in your quest either as a candidate to find the role of your choice and similarly as a client seeking the best possible candidate to fill a role. Katherine Holeyman and Melanie Lewis are exceptionally specialised professionals and are the most supportive, friendly, and empathetic Consultants I've had the pleasure of working with over my 30 year career. Kat, Melanie and their colleagues and peers and Beaumont People are certainly a different kind of recruitment business. They deliver above and beyond expectations. Every single time."

  • “Justine at Beaumont took great interest in finding myself and my partner employment. She didn’t just find anything though, Justine listened to our needs and wants and really worked hard to find rolls suitable. We both now have employment in an industry we love and didn’t really think we quite had a foot in the door with. Thank you Justine, Meredith and the team!”

  • “Having relocated to Australia from overseas in early January 2018, I found it very difficult finding employment especially since I was applying every day for the past two months. Then I received a call from Yasmine of Beaumont People informing me that I was unsuccessful for a position I applied for but she also had a discussion with me on what jobs I was looking for and then invited me to an interview assessment. I was so elated that I received this opening and on that very day of the interview I met with another senior consultant, Katherine who advised there was a placement for a temporary job which I happily accepted. Beaumont People definitely provided excellent customer service and care. During my temp job, they kept in contact with me to ensure all was going well and that spoke volumes for a recruitment agency but they are more than just an institution, to me they operate like a well-knit family. If you are on the job search, I definitely recommend Beaumont People, they really do place people first.”

  • ”Beaumont People is a not just your ordinary run of the mill employment agency. As indicated in their name, they are about the people. They effectively recruit and invest in ‘people’ which reaps consistent, reliable and dedicated staff for short or long-term placement. I’ve always been made to feel important – weather I’m personally looking for placement or require additional staff to join a team. Thank you Beaumont People, for consistently, professionally and kindly looking after ALL of your clients!”

  • “The service and support that I received from Beaumont People was amazing. Very friendly, professional and consistent with follow ups and feedback than any other agency I have been in contact with. Highly recommend for anyone seeking work opportunities.”

  • “Luke has gone above and beyond any other recruiter in Sydney. He is a hard worker and an advocate for my career advancement. Highly recommend.”

  • “I found the people at Beaumont People to be professional, helpful and approachable. They’ve placed me in my first temp job & they got it so right!”